Simon Kean is a two-time Canadian champion as well as an Olympian, but he is first and foremost a talented fighter who is presently making a name for himself in professional boxing in the heavyweight division.


Over an amateur career which consisted in close to 70 fights and allowed him to gain experience that has prepared him well for the great challenges of professional boxing, Kean has come up with noteworthy wins and has been able to shine both on the national and international scenes.


At the 2012 Olympic Games in London, he came up with a surprise win over Tony Yoka, an up-and-coming French fighter who had taken part in the World Series of Boxing and had come up with a string of successful bouts before coming up against Kean. The boxer from Trois-Rivières also fought at the 2014 Pan Am Games in Toronto.


But he had to choose one path or another in 2015 : go through another Olympic cycle or make the move up to the pros. Kean chose the professional scene, therefore undergoing a year of change. While the paperwork was still underway for him to become a pro boxer, a first bout was quickly arranged, and Kean broke the ice in November by coming up with his first TKO win.


The six-foot-five athlete subsequently came up with one win after another and, so far, only one fighter has been able to go the distance against him and withstand his powerful punches. There is no doubt that Kean's power is feared, and that his opponents must be well prepared when facing him !