Ghislain Maduma

Ghislain Maduma threw his first punches under the attentive eye of Paul Evens at the Champion boxing club.  Evens saw the enormous potential in Ghislain, which is why he had him facing off against more experienced boxers from the get go, to which Maduma responded on demand.  As an amateur, he built a solid record with 61 wins in 78 fights and was crowned Quebec champion on five occasions.  Most importantly, he acquired a vast amount of international experience that would serve him well in the professional ranks.


After winning a gold medal at the Canada games in 2003 he went onto wear the maple leaf at the Francophone games in 2005; getting one step closer to his ultimate goal of participating at the Olympic Games.  In 2007, the athlete originating from Kinshasa wore the colors of the Democratic Republic of Congo at the world championships in Chicago.  Unfortunately he could not secure a spot for the Beijing Olympics at this qualifying tournament.  Bitter from his experience he gave up competition but continued to sporadically train at the boxing club where trainer Mike Moffa, now his head coach, convinced him to start training to make the jump to the pros.


Through his evolution in the amateur ranks some may have questioned his conditioning but never his incredible talent.  Today, Maduma has become a complete fighter with a work ethic that his second to none to go along with his speed and ability.  Consistent, precise and methodical he leaves nothing to chance.