As a teenager, Yves Ulysse has distinguished himself in several sports, such as basketball, football and taekwondo. At 19, he sees Floyd Mayweather Jr in action on television. Something within him clicks. A few days later, he sets foot in the Champion boxing club and becomes mentored by coach Rénald Boisvert.

After only two years of boxing, Junior Ulysse wins the Golden Gloves, then becomes the Canadian Champion in the 64 kg category. During his five years on the Canadian team, he is one of the most successful athletes. The years 2012 and 2013 are particularly fruitful. In 2012, at the Continental Olympic Qualification Tournament, Ulysses reached the quarterfinals and went on to win a fight qualifying him for the London Games. Then, in 2013, he reaches the top 16 worldwide. His performances at the world championship impress promoters around the world. Shortly after, it's official: on January 18th 2014, he begins the professional boxing career he has always dreamed of.

Ulysses continues his spectacular performances against tough boxers in the lightweight division, such as Maximiliano Becerra, Cletus Seldin, Zachary Ochoa and Ricky Sismundo. More motivated than ever, the Saint-Michel athlete is ready to face anyone who crosses his path. The speed, intelligence and determination of Yves Ulysse are matched only by his ambition. Behind the broad smile for which he is recognized is a complete athlete who aspires to mark his sport and his community.