Mathieu Germain had just turned 9 when he put on boxing gloves for the first time to follow in the footsteps of his older brother Martin. Less than a year later, he started to take part in competitive bouts alongside his teammates at Champion gym in Montreal. He quickly started to stand out thanks to a boxing style that featured quickness, intelligence and fluidity. After more than 80 bouts in the amateur ranks, Mathieu won an impressive number of titles and awards : he was crowned Canadian junior champion, won six Golden Glove titles and represented Canada at the international level.


Recognized by his peers for his dedication to training, his sense of discipline and his determination, Mathieu did not come up with such a long list of accomplishments by chance. Convinced that one day, his dream of becoming world champion will come true, he has surrounded himself with a variety of top-notch specialists, including his trainer Mike Moffa, who has been at his side for over 15 years. “Mike is without a doubt the best trainer in Canada and certainly one of the most competent in the world. He is a great technician in the ring, he always comes up with a smart game plan and he's a visionary. I wouldn't be the boxer I am today if it were not for him,” says Mathieu Germain.


In 2015, Mathieu joined the professional ranks as a member of the Eye of the Tiger Management team. He quickly built a fanbase thanks to his spectacular and explosive style, and boxing fans named him rookie of the year. Mathieu and his team have big plans for the near future. The young father hopes to face the top boxers in his division, locally but also on the international scene, so as to earn a North American title sometime in 2017.